Yo, Adrian!

Well, once again I'm off to Philadelphia, City of Brothers on Drugs (to quote Spit, Choke & Puke Sports) for a week of all sorts of fun disaster recovery exercises.

And yes, that's sarcasm.

It's been a long time since I've NOT wanted to get in the car and go go go ... I guess that's what happens when you finally realize who and what matters in your life.  All you want to do spend time in that world.

Needless to say, It's been a rather interesting six weeks in my world.   Mentally and emotionally,I've been as low as I've ever been, and higher than I've ever imagined.   I've confronted demons and dealt with angels. I've spent a lot of time digging through my past and I've cleaned out a lot of the clutter in my head and my heart that was holding me back from the happiness we all pursue.  I've laughed. A lot. I've cried. A lot. And I've grown. A lot. And it's been very nice to know my friends are supportive, and for that, I'm appreciative.  And I'm back on the happy side of life, and happier than any other time in my life, except that first time I held my daughter. 

And, most importantly, I was able to share the things that have shaped me, wrongly or rightly, with an amazing woman who understands, who cares, who listens and who loves me like I've always wanted to be loved.  I hope I can give her that same love in return. I plan on doing my best in that department.

I'm happy.  And I like this happy.  It's new to me. And I want to explore, expand and revel in it ... but sadly, at least for this week, t's time to hit the road. Bring on the cheesesteak!

(Dear Mary: Sorry there's no venom here.  Oh, wait, I hate the Detroit Red Wings.  With a passion.  Satisfied now? :P )

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