Dating Sites Don't Get Me

The latest example ... a woman in my age/distance wheelhouse looking for someone, in her words, humorous.

My response:

I have a humerus... does that count?

Her response:

What's a humerus?

*SIGH* even the womens wanting funny don't get me.

I'd be a monk if I had faith.


bittersweetmess said...

lol..if I didn't know what a Humerus was I would of at least googled!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you Eric, but there's a big difference between your kind of humor and normal humor. It takes someone special to "get" you. Keep looking... she's out there and she has a humerus too, hopefully a pair.


Chara said...

ROTFLMAO! Eric . . . you just haven't found the right one to really understand you yet . . . the average female is incapable of doing so . . .