Dear Comfest ...

Thanks for kicking my ass for three consecutive days.

Quick highlights ... I'll have some photos and videos of all that and more later this week:

  • Hanging with friends all day! I love you people.
  • Ryan Smith and Miss Molly on the Gazebo.
  • A very ill Leah-Carla Gordone fighting off a summer cold to rock the Solar Stage.
  • Help Is On The Way and Happy Chichester on the Main Stage. Help Is On The Way looked and sounded great ... they're either dead on or dead awful.
  • Oh, and there was this little alt-country act called Two Cow Garage who left such an impression that EVERYONE was talking about that show all weekend. They blew up the main stage to end the day. Wow.

  • Again, - hanging with friends all day ... all but two were different from Friday ... but again ... I love you people.
  • Hanging out at the Offramp Stage with Jessie and Casey and Phil and Amber and Jamie and random Treehouse Friends.
  • FINALLY seeing Jen Miller on the Jazz Stage when it wasn't raining on her.
  • Bookmobile and the Kyle Sowashes and The Receiver rocking up the Offramp Stage.
  • Colin Gawel and Ghost Shirt owning on the Gazebo Stage.
  • Willie Phoenix rocking the hell out the Main Stage.

  • Walking around enjoying the last day of my fifth Comfest just taking it all in.
  • Watching some amazing performances on the Gazebo Stage while hanging with Quinn and Jess, and Andy and Alli, and Ron and Elliot, and Shane, Micah, Bernadette, Anissa, et.al.
  • Ukulele Man and Jason Quicksall and Megan Palmer and The Randys were amazing.
  • Lydia Loveless put on a great show on the Offramp Stage that had punk rock chicks dancing with their dogs. Anytime you intro a song with "This next song is for all the sluts and whores in the crowd" it's a good time.
  • The Spikedrivers on the Main Stage.
Top Three Comfest Moments:
  1. Two Cow Garage
  2. The Receiver
  3. Willie Phoenix
  • Dude getting stabbed to death. Always a bummer.
  • HUGE blister on my toe (granted, not the same as above, but that's a tough act to follow).
  • The amount of trash I (and my fellow Cleanup and Recycling crews) cleaned up during Saturday night cleanup shift. It's not the damn dirty hippies at Comfest, it's the apathetic kids and white trash that make the messes. Hippies know enough to clean up after themselves. Hell, they started the environmental movement.
  • Trying, once again, to like a certain band because a friend does, only to realize, I don't.
  • Missing Erika Carey.
  • Not finding the Nye's on Friday.
  • Not able to walk well enough to do cleanup and recycling on Sunday because of the blister on my toe that's huge.
  • Having to wait another year for Comfest 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry we didn't meet up, man. I was kinda running around like a drunk toddler. Though, you probably had a good view of me getting knocked on my ass several times in front of the stage...