Catching up ...

Yeah, I know ... I've been busy.

Between a lot of on-call shifts at work and the hockey playoffs and other non-computer-related activities, I've not been writing much lately. Most of it comes down to too many hours in front of the computer while working ... there are days I just want to finish work and not look at screen the rest of the night.

So ... with that being said, here's a quick catch-up:
  • Album I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do: "Length of Arms" by the Receiver.

  • Album I was expecting to like more than I do: "21st Century Breakdown" by Green Day.

  • Question you're asking yourself: "Hey, that doesn't come out until next week, right?
    Answer: Not where I shop.

  • Movie I liked a whole lot more than I thought I would: Star Trek (IMAX Version)

  • DVD I liked a whole lot more than I thought I would: Caprica (BSG Prequel)

  • Drink that didn't do anything for me: Absinthe ... was like drinking mouthwash

  • Evil trick played on fellow diners during Cinco de Mayo ... after 15 minutes of a 90 minute wait ... claiming to be a party who's name was called four times ... and telling the hostess it really wasn't us, but she sat us anyway.

  • Random Graduation Congrats: Matthew, Adam, Mandy, Kylee (in order of when we met!)

  • New CD I'm anticipating: The Clarks - Restless Days.

  • Concert I have tickets for and CAN'T GO: Wilco, June 12, Cincinnati ... cause I'll be out of town training. (for $90, which is what I paid, they can be yours. Lemme know or I'm eBaying them. Hey, I just verbed. Again.)

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