Kicked in the ass by Jesus

This was the text message I received last night while waiting for an old friend to show up for dinner last night:

"Are you having a margarita? If not, get the Jesus."

At the time, I was enjoying a nice frosted traditional margarita and decided to wait. When she showed up, she ordered the Jesus Margarita. It looked and tasted so much better than my traditional I had to have one.

Which became two.

Which is about when Jesus kicked my ass last night.

No, not *that guy* ... the Jesus Margarita at La Isla in Hermitage. After much discussion about what goes in them, it's a toss up between magic, heroin, or some really good tequila. I'm going with the really good tequila ... the gold stuff ... because damn.

Smooth and tasty. And strong.

Oh, and to the woman complaining that we were laughing too much and pushing back on the booth too hard and bothering her husband ... sorry you weren't having as much fun as we did.

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