Binge & Purge

I'm not an avid television watcher. I have a few select series that I follow. I try to sample one or two each year that catch my eye. Most don't make the cut, but every so often I add one.

Seriously ... outside of sports, the only shows I religiously follow are:
  • Battlestar Galactica, despite my initial desire NOT to.
  • LOST, which I got hooked on after watching the first season on DVD in one weekend before the start of Season 2.
  • Heroes, only because Kat told me I had to. And she was right.
  • 24, well, the first season, because the guy at Blockbuster said it rocked. And it did. But Season 2 lost me until this, the 7th season. Hey, it's good, again.
  • Fringe, because I like weird stuff and Walter ... ya never know what you're going to get when he talks.
  • Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, again, because Kat said I should. And again, she was right.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars, cause I'm nerdy like that.
24 was added to the list when I started watching the new season this week. Fringe was added on Friday ... when i started watching the pilot that aired back in the fall. Cause I'm currently like that. Then I watched the other 10 episodes. So yeah, I spent my Friday watching 12 hours of Fringe.

I spent Monday getting caught up on Season 4 of Battlestar so I could watch the new episodes. Tuesday was 5 hours of 24; Wednesday was a mental reset and rebuild of my computer after the power supply died and took down a hard drive that rendered my Vista install invalid; Thursday was more 24 and MMA stuff, and Friday was all Fringed out.

All I have left now is Pushing Daisies, cause it looked interesting; The Big Bang Theory, because everyone says I have to, and I'm thinking about trying out Chuck ... oh, and my friend Lia let me borrow her copy of Mad Men, Season 1, to watch. I'm gonna get her hooked on Dead Like Me! Next on the list: Dexter, The IT Crowd and Generation Kill.

But yeah, my TV viewing has gotten a bit more caught up this week. Binge and purge, indeed.

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Jayne Aubrie said...

My wife and I watch Chuck. It's a fun show. No big, mind-f*cking moments, just a light-hearted time poking fun at CIA/NSA types and nerds.

The Big Bang Theory is kind of the same. I've only watched a couple episodes - mostly because it comes on during the same hour as Chuck and the Sarah Connor Chronicles and the DVR can only record/watch 2 things at a time. But it's a fairly funny show which pokes at the life of nerds working at colleges, etc. I'm sure you'll get all of the inside, nerd jokes just like I do. BTW, ever see the movie "Real Genius" with Val Kilmer? The first 2/3 rocks and then it gets preachy, but it's fun. And it reminds me of college.

Another show that if you haven't seen yet, you should really check out is "House". The wife and I watch that one too. If you love sarcasm...