Yay Me. I did it, again!

Well, after months of learning, studying and taking practice exams, I am now officially a Citrix Certified Administrator for Citrix Presentation Server 4.

What that means to you non IT people ... it's a professional certification that will help me in both my job hunt and ability to command a better than average salary. Citrix is cool stuff that helps save time and money on software and hardware by leveraging applications on servers versus installing them on every single desktop or laptop. Basically, your company of 100 people could share 50 licensed copies of Microsoft Office, rather than having to purchase a copy of Office for all 100 people.

Anyways ... now that I'm back in school (again) ... and working into 300 and 400 level classes, perhaps I'll finally finish that elusive Bachelor's Degree I want. Eventually

Learning is delicious.

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