I can has life now?

Well, welcome to Day 1 of me not on call since the 17th of September, in one way or another. In fact, I'm not on call -- at all -- until 12/17. When hell starts again with two solid weeks of 24/7 on-call. But I'll be free on New Year's Eve.

But between now and then ... I'm working two days each of the next three weeks using up what's left of my vacation. On the five days a week I'm NOT working ... here's a list of what I will be doing:
  • I'm gonna get back to work on my certifications.
  • I'm gonna go to Virginia for Thanksgiving and see the kids.
  • I'm gonna go to Columbus and see some bands.
  • I'm gonna go to Columbus to see some friends.
  • I'm gonna have Crazy Eric's semi-annual eBay sale of parts, pieces, computers and other assorted items.
  • I'm gonna sleep.
  • I'm gonna finally start doing something with all the video I recorded this summer.
  • I'm gonna watch some TV. Might even get around to watching Season 1 of Heroes.
  • I'm gonna answer all those emails that have been piling up (Lukey, I'm lookin' right atcha).
  • I'm gonna get rid of the two bottles of never-been-opened spoiled milk in my fridge.
  • I'm gonna do some other stuff too.
  • Hell, I might even go out on a date or two.

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